Maido Parv

Maido Parv

Digital Product Designer / Photographer

I design user interfaces from the ground up, from first sketch to the final experience. I've been a designer for more than a decade - today my portfolio has around 850 meaningfull projects listed.

Maido Parv

I love wireframing.

What is a wireframe? It's a simple black & white sketch or in other words a low-fidelity visual representation of your future product.

Cool guys draw wireframes on paper, no matter which fancy device you'll later use (a smartphone, a tablet, desktop display or a TV), you should always start with pen and paper. Why is it important to create wireframes in first place?

Because it saves precious time!


I do...

Kasutajaliideste disain


Kasutajakogemuse disain


Kodulehe disain

Visual design




3D visualisation


Logo & identity

Web design

I have worked on more than 600 web projects. Every project I take on, I prefer finalising myself, but i am a great team member too :)

I do responsive design only :)

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I have worked on more than 80 real estate projects since 2009. I do 3D visualization, rendering and animations.

Oh... I do print and logo too :)

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Maido Parv
Senior Product Designer @ TransferWise